GifCon 2017

In a few days GifCon 2017 will take place at the University of Glasgow! This page summarises some useful information for our guests.

At a glance: Read the abstracts, check the speakers, the workshops and the event programme and register at EventBrite!

Time & Place

The event begins on the 29th of March at 09:00 and ends on the 30th at 17:00. It takes place mostly at the Chapel of the University of Glasgow, which is part of the Main Building, located at University Avenue. Some panels take place at the nearby University Gardens (5 minutes walk).

Keynote speakers

The keynote speakers include Julie Bertagna, Stefan Ekman, Maureen Farell, Phil Harris and Rob Maslen.


Two dozen early career researchers and academics will be presenting, with topics ranging from high fantasy and games to faith, gender and oral storytelling. Check the presentation abstracts for more details on the subjects covered.


Four workshops will be offered at the event:

Fairy tale retellings: Learn how to take a tale as old as time and fashion it into something new!

Creating a new world without exposition: Discover how to create your own Middle-Earth or Diagon Alley in a short space of writing!

Fantastic Beasts and How to Write Them: Discuss examples of fascinating nonhuman creatures, explore how they function within the magical world, and learn how to create your own unique creatures and characters!

Breathing life into worlds and characters: Learn the process of building a functional world and make it feel vibrant through its characters!

Event Dinner

The event dinner will take place on Wednesday evening at Curler’s Rest, located 10 minutes away on Byres Road.

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