Best CBD Creams For Arthritis in Seniors

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Incorporating best cbd creams for arthritis in seniors into a daily regimen can help relieve arthritis pain in seniors. With its ability to be absorbed via the skin, topical applications can provide targeted relief and ease arthritic stiffness. A CBD ointment designed for arthritis, like Charlotte’s Web’s CBDMEDIC(tm) line, combines cooling ingredients such as camphor and menthol with exceptional quality hemp extract to help alleviate discomfort*.

In addition to providing symptomatic relief, CBD can support cognitive health by offering a calming effect. Many older adults suffer from the physical and mental stresses of aging, such as declining health, loss of family and friends, and isolation. Adding CBD oil to your aging adults’ daily routine can boost mood and improve sleep patterns*.

Beyond Relief: How CBD Cream Targets and Soothes Different Types of Pain

CBD’s non-psychoactive properties make it an ideal option for seniors who seek pain relief without the associated side effects of THC. Unlike traditional pharmaceutical medications, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to promote a calming and stress-relieving response.

Those seeking relief from arthritis pain should begin with a low dosage and gradually increase to pinpoint the exact amount needed for symptomatic relief. Seniors should consult a healthcare professional to guide them on proper CBD dosage and how it may impact their existing medical conditions and prescription medications. In a recent study, respondents using CBD for a variety of ailments reported that they reduced or discontinued their use of other medications. Of those reporting arthritis, a higher percentage of them reduced or stopped taking anti-inflammatories and acetaminophen, and a smaller number reduced or stopped opioids (Gwam et al., 2022).

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