Biocbd+ – What is Water Soluble CBD?

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Water Soluble CBD is a unique type of extract that dissolves in water. It allows consumers to more easily and precisely measure their daily intake of CBD while providing a clean, convenient delivery method that is perfect for drinks and edibles. This type of CBD may also provide a more rapid onset time for effects than oil-based products.

This type of extract is produced using a process called nanotechnology, which is the science of creating materials at the microscopic level. Nanotechnology breaks down cannabinoids into smaller particles known as ions or molecules, which then become H2O-compatible and blend seamlessly with the water molecules. This makes them able to be absorbed into the body quickly. Learn more

The Future of CBD Research: Water Soluble CBD’s Untapped Potential

In addition to the ability to more accurately control dosage, water-soluble CBD offers a number of other benefits. For example, the lack of organic solvents used in production can make it safer for consumers and the environment. In addition, a more streamlined manufacturing process can help cut costs.

The water-soluble CBD market is growing rapidly and provides a number of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Pre-mixed beverages, such as bottled water, sports drinks and sodas are ideal targets for these types of extracts because they can be easily dissolved in them without affecting the taste or texture. In addition to these beverages, drink powders that consumers mix at home can also be formulated with water-soluble CBD. This type of extract can also be incorporated into more conventional oil-based products like tinctures.

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