Core Responsibilities of a Corporate Travel Manager

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Corporate travel is often a necessity for the success of businesses, but it can also be very costly. Depending on the size and resources of an organization, they can handle their business travel needs in many ways. Some companies may use specific consumer booking sites or may provide a dedicated tool for employees to book flights, hotels, car rentals and train trips, as well as submit receipts for reimbursement. read more

Regardless of the way an organization manages its business travel, the goal is to ensure that employee travel expenses align with company policies and guidelines, improve the travel experience, and mitigate any risk. A successful travel management strategy must be both cost-efficient and flexible to accommodate the diverse needs of today’s workforce and ever-changing business environment.

Safety First: Implementing Robust Security Measures in Corporate Travel Management

The responsibilities of a travel manager vary depending on the organization’s goals and the needs of its travel program. However, there are some core tasks that all corporate travel managers must complete to maximize the efficiency of their team and minimize the costs associated with business travel.

One of the most important duties is to monitor airfare and lodging rates throughout the year, as they are cyclical by nature. In order to avoid overpaying, travel managers should negotiate prices with major hotel chains and other providers of accommodations while keeping an eye on local trends and the cost of transportation in each destination.

A quality TMC will take care of everything from arranging flights, hotel rooms and rental cars to securing event venues, providing 24/7 support for business travelers, and creating customized itineraries. Additionally, a TMC will provide deep insights into travel trends to help the business save money and time while improving the employee experience.

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