Excavating Contractors

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An excavating contractor digs, trenches and grades the earth for construction projects. This work requires heavy machinery, like bulldozers, backhoes and front-end loaders, to complete the tasks at hand. These professionals typically subcontract with a general contractor, though they can also operate their own excavation business. This type of work exposes businesses to significant liability exposures due to the dangers involved in operating equipment, including potential damage to underground utility lines.Learn more : https://valleyviewexcavatingllc.com/

What are the two major types of excavation?

Excavating contractors can work on commercial and residential projects that require a change in the landscape. For example, a business owner may hire them to dig foundations for new building construction, or they could use the services of an excavation company to improve drainage on a property. Drainage problems are a common cause of damage to homes and commercial properties, so the services of an excavation contractor can help reduce the effects of rainwater on the soil.

Before any excavation work can begin, an excavating contractor thoroughly inspects a site to ensure the natural ecosystem and artifacts are not damaged during the process. They then prepare drawings based on the depth and size of the excavation site to clearly mark off boundaries and to protect any existing underground lines that could be affected by the digging operation.

An excavation contractor will also help with laying utilities, which is a critical aspect of any construction project. This includes the installation of sewers, water lines and foundation supports. They are careful to avoid interfering with any existing underground systems to reduce the risk of costly interruptions and delays.

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