GIFCon Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in GIFCon!

Regarding the content of your submission we have compiled some advice about abstract writing, based on past experience and common good practices. We hope you will find it useful.

Regarding the format of your submission please follow these guidelines:

  • The submission includes two separate files, each in doc, docx, rtf, odt or txt format.
  • You should preferably send these files as a single 7z or zip attachment. Two individual files are also accepted.
  • The first file must be called Name.Surname.Bio and contain your short bio (example: Hermione.Granger.Bio.rtf)
  • The second file must be called Name.Surname.Abstract and contain your abstract (example: Hermione.Granger.Abstract.rtf)
  • In case of multiple authors, use any one of them for naming the files.
  • The abstract must have a title – it’s surprising how many people forget to include one! The title of your abstract should be at most 120 characters long.
  • The abstract must be at most 300 words long. Every word in this document counts towards the limit.
  • If you send documents in doc, docx, rtf or odt format, the title must be in bold 16pt and the text body must be in 12pt. The font must be Arial, Helvetica or FreeSans.
  • It’s a good idea to spellcheck the documents (either UK or US spelling).
  • The abstract file must not include any information that can personally identify you. That includes your name (except in the filename) AND any references to your own work, such as “I have explored this in my novel X, which was published in 2017”.

If you do not follow these guidelines your submission may be rejected without notice. Please make sure you have followed them!

The submission deadline expired on Monday, 28th of January 2019, at 23:00!