Hide Comment Facebook – How to Hide Comments on Facebook

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Hhde comment facebook  is a way to hide comments that you don’t want to see on your post or photo. This will not delete the comment, but will make it only visible to you and those you’ve shared it with. Other people who can see your updates will still be able to view the hidden comment as well as any replies to it.

Whenever you want to moderate a comment on your Facebook page, click the ellipsis (…) to reveal a dropdown menu with several options, including “Hide Comment.” This will conceal the selected comment from other users who are viewing the post or photo.

You can also use this feature to hide comments on your tagged photos or posts. However, the person who made the tagged post or comment will not be notified that you’ve hidden their comment.

Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Power and Purpose of Hiding Comments on Your Facebook Feed

You may want to hide comments on your Facebook page when you see junky content, trolls or haters, or any other unwanted comment. This will prevent other users from seeing the comment and continuing the discussion in a negative manner.

However, you should never rely on hiding comments as a way to remove harmful content from your page. Instead, always try to resolve the problem by having a private conversation with the commenter. This is a more productive method and it will also show other Facebook users that you care about customer feedback and how your company handles issues.

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