How to Contest a Traffic Ticket

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Traffic ticket

A traffic ticket is a written notice from a police officer accusing you of violating a city or state traffic law. The citation will list the specific code sections that the officer claims you violated and will also have contact information to pay the fine or contest the ticket.

You can contest the Traffic ticket by following the instructions on the right side of the citation and either signing and mailing it to the Court or by appearing in person on the court date listed on the ticket. If you choose to plead NOT GUILTY and are found not guilty, the ticket will be dismissed and no points will appear on your driver’s license.

Understanding Traffic Ticket Types: From Speeding to Parking Violations

The contested hearing is your opportunity to present sworn statements and documentary evidence as to whether you committed the alleged infraction. The prosecution has the burden of proving its case by a preponderance of the evidence. For violations of municipal ordinances, this is defined as more likely than not that you did commit the infraction; however, for violations of state laws, the burden is higher and is defined as beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is important to be polite and calm in court. If you are argumentative or rude, it will reflect poorly on your ability to defend yourself. It is a good idea to review your case materials prior to the hearing. It will also be helpful to write out a brief outline of your defense when the judge calls on you.

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