How to Design Custom Round Labels

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custom round labels

Round Labels Are a Great Way to Promote Your Products

Custom round labels are an excellent choice for identifying and branding your products. They are easy to peel, stick, and work with most types of artwork. They can be printed on paper, plastic, or textured material for a unique look that shares your brand in style.

Design With a Solid Background and No Border Lines

Avoid borders that can easily overbled or create a shift in the print’s alignment. Similarly, keep important text and design objects away from the edges.

Apply a Safe Margin

A safe margin is one inch or 1/16 of an inch from the edge of your design to prevent any misalignment when it is printed. This ensures the print is centered properly on your custom round labels.

How to Create Custom Round Stickers for Your Brand or Event

To help your circular labels stand out, use a high-quality premium paper and plastic that can withstand harsh storage conditions. Choose matte, gloss or high-gloss UV materials that are waterproof and can resist abrasions in your store’s environment.

Add A Bleed

To create a professional-looking label, it’s best to design your round labels with a bleed. This process increases the amount of ink that covers the edges of your custom round labels, ensuring you achieve total coverage.

Consider using guides to ensure your custom round labels are installed properly when printing. Many printers will automatically scan your label stock’s edges every few prints to find the proper left margin starting position.

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