Organisers & Acknowledgements for 2018

GIFCon 2018 was organised by the following people:

Marita Arvaniti Marita Arvaniti is a Fantasy MLitt student in the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Athens. Because of an unsupervised childhood and parents in showbiz she has a lot of unmarketable skills like being a very fast reader and having a good memory for quotations, so she is trying to keep herself involved in academia for as long as possible. Her academic interests include the complicated relationship between fantasy fiction and the theatre, as well as the works of Terry Pratchett, Tom Stoppard, N. K. Jemisin, and Diana Wynne Jones. She sometimes works as a social media manager, a translator, or a stage manager, depending on the day. In her free time she reads books, listens to podcasts, and watches ridiculous movies: sometimes at the same time!
Ruth Booth Ruth Booth is a writer and student on the MLitt in Fantasy at the University of Glasgow. She was a co-organizer of the inaugural GIFCon event in 2017. Ruth has presented at both Worldcon 2017 and GIFCon. Her research interests include the works of Neil Gaiman, landscape in Fantasy and Science Fiction, maps as cultural objects in Fantasy, and MMORPGs. Ruth is also a BSFA Award-winning author of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy. She has been a juror on the British Fantasy Awards and the James White Award, and has interviewed authors such as Becky Chambers, Laura Lam, and Oliver Langmead for book launches and live events. Ruth has appeared as a chair, panelist and moderator at events across the UK and internationally, and most recently was the Creative Writing Station Leader at the Hunterian Museum’s Night at the Museum: Fantasy Scotland event. She is a columnist for Shoreline of Infinity, Scotland’s only SF journal, and is an Editor for the University of Glasgow journal From Glasgow to Saturn.
Thaleia Flessa Thaleia Flessa is a final year PhD student at the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering at the Aerospace Sciences Research Division. She has an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece. Her research is on the navigation and control of planetary exploration rovers. When she isn’t contemplating the movement of small (or not so small) rovers on distant planets, she enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction. What she finds most appealing is the capability of creating wondrous, imaginary worlds that tell the most complex of sagas. Her hobbies include tabletop and live action role-playing games, photography, music and playing with her imaginary pet demon.
Katarina O’Dette is a writer and scholar with a particular interest in worldbuilding, narratology, and the fantasy genre, particularly its manifestation on television. She has a BFA in Writing for Screen and Television (with a minor in Folklore and Popular Culture) from the University of Southern California, and an MLitt in Fantasy from the University of Glasgow. She has led a research station on Harry Potter’s connections to Scotland at the Hunterian’s ‘Fantasy Night at the Museum’, and co-led a seminar on fantasy television at the University of Glasgow. She has upcoming publications in From Glasgow to Saturn and Fantastika Journal. In addition to earning ridiculous degrees and taking fantasy very seriously, she likes to do aerial yoga, cook elaborate soups, and binge-watch television like a champion.
Dimitrios Xanthakis Dimitrios Xanthakis has degrees from the National Technical University of Athens, the University of Glasgow and the Heriot-Watt University. Years later he also became one of the Fantasy Canaries, the pioneering group of students of Glasgow University’s unique Fantasy MLitt. He has been playing role-playing games for quite a long time and has created two imaginary worlds, used as the basis for two MMORPG games. He is an avid fantasy and science fiction reader, enjoying the myths and legends, the sinister plots and the heroic (or not-so-heroic) characters that not only shape up alternate realities but also constitute a significant, often memorable part of our imagination.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Dr Rob Maslen, PG Convener for the School of Critical Studies at the University of Glasgow. Dr Maslen is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature since 1999, he is the author of three books: Elizabethan Fictions (1997), Shakespeare and Comedy (2005), and The Shakespeare Handbook (2008), and has edited Sir Philip Sidney’s Apology for Poetry (2002) and Mervyn Peake’s Collected Poems (2008), as well as co-editing Thomas Dekker/Thomas Middleton’s News from Gravesend for the Oxford Middleton (2007) and Mervyn Peake’s Complete Nonsense (2011). He has written many essays on Renaissance literature and 20th century fantasy and science fiction, with subjects ranging from fake translations to adaptation in Japanese anime. He is a Fellow of the English Association and has held teaching appointments at Christ Church, Oxford; Royal Holloway, University of London; the University of Exeter; Dartmouth College, NH; the University of St Thomas, MN; and Lund University.

GIFCon’s cute dragon logo has been designed by Kat Ward.