Speakers 2018

Tex Thomson

Julie will give a talk, titled: A Moment Leaning Out of Time* – creating ‘4D’ futuristic fiction in the dynamic space where the real meets the realms of possibility and fantasy

Julie Bertagna graduated from the University of Glasgow with an Honours degree in English Language and Literature, and we look forward to welcoming her back to provide insight into a future world where fantasy, science fiction, and children’s literature meet. Her interest in using Glasgow as a setting, combined with the genre crossing of her work, makes her a perfect fit!

Dimitra Fimi

Dr Farrell will be in conversation with Julie Bertagna.

Maureen Farrell has a particular interest in Scottish children’s literature and has published work in this area: she is currently co-editing The International Companion to Scottish Children’s Literature.

Stefan Ekman

Urban fantasy is a form of fantastic literature that has been around for decades but has recently received a great deal of attention, from readers if not from scholars. Today, it is described and defined in so many ways by so many people that it is difficult to know what it is: urban fantasy comes across as a form of literature stuck at a crossroads and torn in different directions – and it is hard to predict which way it will end up going.

Exploring Fantasy Maps and Settings examines various functions of maps and environments in the genre. He currently pursues two projects, exploring social criticism in urban fantasy, and developing world-building as a critical tool for analysing fantasy texts through their settings. He is also a judo black belt, a keen RPGer, and fairly decent cook.

Phil Harris:
Does the Monomyth Exist in a Multiplayer World?

Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, often referred to as the Hero’s Journey, is a staple of much modern fiction and is used in popular franchises and smaller indie publications alike. But what happens when you try to apply the Hero’s Journey to the world of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, and what issues do narrative designers face?

Previous works include Celtic Heroes, in which he created a narrative storyline which led to a massive increase in player retention, and Distant Star: Revenant Fleet. Phil is friendly, outgoing, and often enjoys dazzling people with the glint off his bald head, a trick he uses to gain the upper hand in meetings.