The Benefits of IPAF Training

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ipaf training

There are many benefits to IPAF training, including safety awareness and knowledge about potential hazards. The training also provides the skills to create a rescue plan, which is vital if an operator becomes trapped. An IPAF license is essential if a worker needs to work at height. Here are a few of the top reasons to undergo IPAF training. These benefits will be the most valuable to you. And, most importantly, they will be able to protect yourself from the potential repercussions of an accident.

IPAF courses provide hands-on training and certification, including PAL (Powered Access Licence) cards. These certificates can be valid for five years. They will also cover the regulations regarding working at heights. Once successful, the PAL will be awarded to the delegates. A PAL card will display the name and date of assessment, type of IPAF course, and expiration date. During training, delegates will also learn about the various types of IPAF training available in the market.

IPAF training is required for any individual who uses powered access equipment. The courses are accredited by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), and meet the industry standards set by IPAF. The IPAF training programme consists of three components: theory, practical, and a hazard assessment. After successful completion of the practical training, delegates will be awarded an IPAF Card or IPAF certification. While IPAF courses are offered by different providers, BookMyCourse is not an IPAF-accredited centre. Hence, you need to choose a training provider who offers IPAF courses.

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